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contd. from homepage…My son had exercise induced Asthma and I realised that I had a tool to help him. Thankfully he was open to it and now partakes in regular exercises which he had been avoiding.

Over the next few years I read more and more articles and studies and realised how much evidence there is to support this method. particularly in relation to Asthma .  It should be more available to people.  It takes time and support to fully benefit from it.  Even if my GP told me to “go home and breathe through your nose” I wouldn’t have been able to do it. Doing the course I identified the root cause of my problem and was able to address it.

I have been a Buteyko practitioner since 2016 and I am constantly amazed how this group of exercises can help people.

People have come to me with asthma of all severities. Others with snoring, fibromyalgia, fatigue due to sleep disorders and chronic chest conditions. They have all benefited from Buteyko Breathing exercises. 

Early Career

Martha Downey de Buitleir. RGN, RNiD, DIPBBM, is a registered nurse with many years working in Ireland, UK and Australia in the area of oncology and palliative care. She did the English Nursing Board courses in oncology and care of patients with AIDS at the Royal Marsden Hospital in London.

Ireland and family

On return to Ireland she worked in Hospice Home Care in Our Lady’s Hospice Cross, progressing to Education and Nurse management. She took a career break to rear her four children and has now returned to work in Our Lady’s Hospice.

Practicing Buteyko

She has a Diploma in Research methods from the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland.. She is a past President of Junior Chamber Dublin and is currently a board member of Fold Ireland, a social housing organisation. She became a practitioner in 2016  in Galway and set up as a practitioner in South Dublin.

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