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Breathing Exercises for Good Health by Day and by Night

What is Buteyko?

Professor Buteyko believed that genetic predisposition determines which illness people develop from over-breathing.

Breathing Problems.

Whether you suffer from hay fever, Rhinitis, Sinusitis, Asthma, nocturnal Asthma, exercise induced Asthma, other breathing problems, the Buteyko breathing method can improve your quality if life.

Sleeping Disorders.

The Buteyko Breathing method can help people suffering from sleeping disorders such as Insomnia, Sleep Apnea, and Snoring

Stress & Anxiety.

The Buteyko Method can provide relief from stress related conditions such as Anxiety and Panic Attacks.

Buteyko for Children.

We want the best for our children. One of the best things we can do to help maintain our children’s health is to make sure they breathe through their noses both day and by night.

The Principles of The Buteyko Breathing Programme.

  • Breathing through the nose is essential for good health.
  • The volume of air we breathe has a direct relationship with our health.
  • Carbon dioxide is not just a waste gas.
  • Reducing your breathing allows increased oxygenation of bodily tissues.
  • Professor Buteyko believed that genetic predisposition determines which illness people develop from over-breathing. The response of each individual to hyperventilation depends on inherited factors.

Founder: Martha Downey de Buitleir.  Accredited Buteyko Practitioner.

In 2010 I read an article in a magazine about The Benefits of the Buteyko breathing programme and it resonated with me. I had a tendency to mouth breathe all my life. I was waking two or three times a night and my mouth would be so dry.I had a young family and the tiredness was so frustrating. I thought Buteyko might help so I followed up on the article and contacted Patrick Mc Keown. I did his course in Dublin. The exercises absolutely changed the way I breathe and this has had such a positive impact on my life.  I now sleep soundly and have much more energy.  Small changes. Big difference. I am convinced that if I had not read that article I would be well on the road to having sleep apnea now.

What People Are Saying.

My asthma was giving me a lot of trouble during exercise. I also had trouble sleeping at night for over two years due to increased stress following an asthma attack.

I had been a mouth breather for years with constant rhinitis and a blocked nose. I had become resigned to it until my discomfort increased.  An acquaintance mentioned The Buteyko Method to me and I found Martha on their website.

Lucky find! My sessions with Martha, the breathing exercises and the encouragement and affirmation I received, have made a huge difference to my quality of life.

I have made the switch to nasal breathing, which I thought previously to be impossible for me,  I have a much improved and more restful sleep and have increased energy. Most of my fears around asthma have decreased and I have learned tools to handle any shortness of breath or stressful situations.

Martha also shared useful tips around relaxation and nutrition which I needed to hear. I am delighted with my progress.

Margaret - Dublin

Re-learning how we breathe from Martha has been an eye-opening and very positive experience for me. I continue to do the exercises that Martha prescribed for me 18 months ago not because I feel I have to do them, but because I want to do them - they are so relaxing!

Just recently I had a big project to complete and with the deadline approaching, I noticed my breathing starting to revert to old ways. I got out my Buteyko book and began doing the exercises more frequently and immediately I could feel my chest and breathing relax again. 

This is technique is so simple and enjoyable to practice. If you have the opportunity to learn more about the Buteyko method, then go for it!

Caitriona - Dublin

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- Courses available via Zoom -

For Adults

What is involved: The course is taught on a one to one basis. One session a week over a 4 week period.

Duration: All sessions run for one hour.

During the course you will receive:

  • An individualised breathing assessment.
  • Exercises tailored to your needs. (People come to the programme with many different complaints)
  • You will be taught how to achieve good breathing habits, by day and by night.

For Children

What is involved: The child must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. One session a week over a 3 week period, with an assessment on the third week.

Duration: All the sessions are one hour

During the course children will learn:

  • The importance of breathing for health and Cranio-facial development.
  • How to improve their concentration and energy.
  • Improve management of Asthma,
  • Improve sports ability

Courses are by arrangement with Martha

email : info@easybreathing.ie to arrange an appointment or contact us via our online form.

Phone: 087 678 5091


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Special Thanks

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