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The Principles of The Buteyko Breathing Programme

Breathing through the nose is essential for good health.

The volume of air we breathe has a direct relationship with our health.

Carbon dioxide is not just a waste gas.

Reducing your breathing allows increased oxygenation of bodily tissues.

Professor Buteyko believed that genetic predisposition determines which illness people develop from over-breathing. The response of each individual to hyperventilation depends on inherited factors.

Easy Breathing Buteyko Practitioner

Easybreathing Buteyko Practitioner

In 2010 I read an article in a magazine about The Benefits of the Buteyko breathing programme and it resonated with me. I had a tendency to mouth breathe all my life. I was waking two or three times a night and my mouth would be so dry.  I had a young family and the tiredness was so frustrating. I thought Buteyko might help so I followed up on the article and contacted Patrick Mc Keown. I did his course in Dublin. The exercises absolutely changed the way I breathe and this has had such a positive impact on my life.  I now sleep soundly and have much more energy.  Small changes. Big difference. I am convinced that if I had not read that article I would be well on the road to having sleep apnea now.

My son had exercise induced Asthma and I realised that I had a tool to help him. Thankfully he was open to it and now partakes in exercise which he had been avoiding.

Over the next few years I read more and more articles and studies and realised how much evidence there is to support this method. particularly in relation to Asthma .  It should be more available to people.  It takes time and support to fully benefit from it.  Even if my GP told me to “go home and breathe through your nose” I wouldn’t have been able to do it. Doing the course I identified the root cause of my problem and was able to address it.

I have been practicing as a practitioner since 2016 and I am constantly amazed how this group of exercises can help people.

People have come to me with Asthma of all severities, Snoring, fybromyalgia, Fatigue, Chronic chest conditions. Mouth breathing, Hill walking ( altitude tolerance) and more.















All Buteyko courses will be with Martha for both Adults and Children.

For Adults

What is involved?
The course is taught on a one to one basis. One session a week over a 4 -6 week period.

Duration: The first session is an hour and a half. The following sessions are an hour.

During the course you will receive:

  • An individualised breathing assessment.
  • Tailored exercises to your needs. (People come to the programme with many different complaints)
  • You will be taught how to achieve good breathing habits, by day and by night.
  • You will learn the science behind the practice.
  • You will learn different ways of doing reduced breathing and how to integrate it into your life.
  • You will learn how to stop a wheezing/coughing attack
  • How to get the best out of physical exercise
  • Diet and lifestyle guidelines
  • And you will learn breathing techniques to overcome anxiety and panic attacks in any situation.

For Children

The Course for children is one session a week for four weeks

Duration: 1 Hour
Group Size: 1 on 1 or small groups only. Maximum of 5.
Parents must accompany their children.

During the course children will learn:

  • The importance of mouth breathing for health and Cranio-facial development.
  • How to improve their concentration and energy.
  • Reverse Asthma,
  • Reduce the symptoms of hay fever and blocked nose
  • Improve sports ability



Courses for Children are by arrangement with Martha

email : info@easybreathing.ie to arrange an appointment or contact us via our online form.