Buteyko Case Studies

The following are some people I have met and worked with. The names have been changed.
It will give you an insight into how the Buteyko Breathing programme helps so many people with different symptoms.


Valerie came to the course because she was completely frustrated with the increasing number of symptoms she was experiencing. She had a very healthy diet and was conscious of the importance of exercise and had tried several other modalities to help her.

She was experiencing breathlessness at rest, chest tightness, broken sleep , frequent sighs, frequent yawning, anxiety, panic attacks, dizziness and tiredness.

Through the Buteyko breathing programme, she understood why she was being presented with so many symptoms of over-breathing and learned ways to address it. Through doing the reduced breathing exercises she got a good nights sleep and this impacted on how she was during the day. Her job involved talking a lot and through the Buteyko Breathing programme she learnt exercises that were easy to use anywhere to help her cope with the demands of her job.



Robert was a young man working and completing his studies. He was diagnosed with Asthma in early childhood and when he came to the sessions he was experiencing the following symptoms: Wheezing, chest tightness, Frequent colds, snoring. racing mind, frequent yawning, anxiety, tummy upsets/ IBS and exercise induced asthma.
He used a preventor and reliever inhalers.

Over the four weeks of the sessions Robert learnt the importance nasal breathing, something he found very difficult to do day and night. He learnt to calm down his breathing with the reduced breathing exercises and how to exercise without distress. Through this programme Robert experienced less symptoms and had a better quality of life.

The exercises he learnt are for life.



James came because his wife sent him! He didn’t know anything about Buteyko breathing before he came. He recently had been diagnosed with Sleep Apnoea and was required to use a CPAP machine at night. His main symptoms were chest tightness, snoring, Frequent sighs, frequent yawning, and occasionally dizziness and poor concentration during the day.

The big learning curve for James was learning that how he breathed during the day had a huge impact at night and how he breathed at night impacted him during the day. All the years of snoring had taken a toll. Through the programme James learnt why Nasal breathing is important and how some bad habits contributed to his condition. He focused on developing good breathing habits and overtime his need for the CPAP machine lessened.



Jenny was going through a very stressful period in her life, mainly due to the financial crisis. She suffered from migraines. Other symptoms she experienced included palpitations, racing mind, erratic heart beat , frequent yawning and sighing, anxiety, headaches, achy muscles. It was clear the stress, which was going on a long time was not going to go away.

What was important for Jenny was to find a way of coping with continued stress so that her health would not suffer. The Buteyko Breathing exercises gave her tools to cope with the stress and a way to monitor how she was coping. Importantly it helped her have a better nights sleep.


Sue’s main problem as an irritating cough at night and exercise induced Asthma. She was diligent about exercise and used a Fitbit. Following exercises she would have episodes of coughing and wheezing for which
she used an inhaler. Her broken sleep at night was taking a toll.

Sue followed the programme diligently and very quickly she was getting a better nights sleep without coughing attacks. She was able to track this on her Fitbit which showed the difference in her sleep patterns before the programme and during the programme.

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