Use the Buteyko Breathing Technique to relieve your asthma symptoms

In 2015 I did my Buteyko Breathing Technique practitioner training course in Galway with Patrick McKeown. What blew my mind was the number of trials internationally that have shown the efficacy of breathing re-education. My colleague Dr Alan Ruth has a comprehensive review of the literature on his website .
What is fact is that following the programme people with asthma are symptomatically better. What the trials do not show is that people are better able to manage their Asthma in the long term. read more…

Persistent Cough: a case study

In a recent case study the benefits of The Buteyko Breathing Method were immediately apparent. I wanted to record and share this experience while it was very fresh in my mind. It concerns a client struggling with a persistent cough.

Diagnosed with Asthma

Recently I started working with a patient, Nora* She came to me because of a persistent cough. Nora, aged 62, had developed this cough over the years . She had been diagnosed with Asthma years previously but for Nora this Chronic Cough was the main symptom.

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I love you but you’re snoring.

“Birds are singing in the trees
As we rise up in a beautiful morning
But I can’t hear that beautiful sound
‘Cause I’m permanently yawning”

I love you (But you’re boring) The Beautiful South

If you find that you are permanently yawning you could be suffering from a sleep disorder that the Buteyko Method has been proven to alleviate. Or maybe you are suffering, but not experiencing it, if your partner is a snorer.

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How breathing can help you achieve your fitness goals.

Now that January is behind us there is a spring in our step here in EasyBreathing HQ. Like many folk I have set myself some fitness goals for 2019. While there’s never a bad time to set goals, early in the a new year can be great because we can often get support from our friends, family and community to help us achieve those goals. In this post I examine how breathing better while exercising can help you achieve your fitness goals.

Not least amongst these supports is RTÉ and SafeFood’s annual Operation Transformation, an 8 week television series supported by oodles of well researched advice. Through the journeys of five leaders, we are shown regimes, recipes, diets and routines to inspire a healthier lifestyle for us all. read more…

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