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For Adults

What is involved: The course is taught on a one to one basis. One session a week over a 4 week period.

Duration: All sessions run for an hour.

During the course you will receive:

  • An individualised breathing assessment.
  • Tailored exercises to your needs. (People come to the programme with many different complaints)
  • You will be taught how to achieve good breathing habits, by day and by night.
  • You will learn the science behind the practice.
  • You will learn different ways of doing reduced breathing and how to integrate it into your life.
  • You will learn how to stop a wheezing/coughing attack
  • How to get the best out of physical exercise
  • Diet and lifestyle guidelines
  • And you will learn breathing techniques to overcome anxiety and panic attacks in any situation.

For Children

What is involved: The child must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. One session a week over a 3 week period, with an assessment on the third week.

Duration: All the sessions are one hour long.

During the course children will learn:

  • The importance of nose breathing for health and Cranio-facial development.
  • How to improve their concentration and energy.
  • Improve management of Asthma,
  • Prevention of chest infections,
  • Reduce the symptoms of hay fever and blocked nose,
  • Improve sports ability

Buteyko One to One Appointments

One to one appointments can be set at a time that works for you and your family.

All appointments will be 60 minutes long. During the first appointment I will assess your individual needs and discuss how the Buteyko method can help you. I will outline the benefits that it can offer for your particular condition. Buteyko training can help with snoring, sleep apnoea, insomnia, anxiety and asthma. It is also beneficial for rhinitis, hay fever and sinus problems.

Over the course of two or three appointments (totalling 6 hour approx) you will learn breathing exercises to tackle these issues and I will explain how to continue them at home. A follow up session will be arranged to ensure that you are applying the method correctly to get the most benefit from it. One-to-one appointments cover the same material in the group courses  but at a time that suits you.

All Courses delivered by Martha Downey de Buitleir.

Registered Nurse Pin no. 18534

Garda vetted for work, school and parish.

Courses for Children are arrangement with Martha.

email : to arrange an appointment or contact us via our online form.

Phone: 087 678 5091

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