What is Buteyko?

The Principles of the Buteyko Breathing Programme, Symptoms of Over-Breathing and Benefits of Reduced Breathing.

Principles of the Buteyko Breathing Programme.

  • Breathing through the nose is essential for good health.
  • The volume of air we breathe has a direct relationship with our health.
  • Carbon dioxide is not just a waste gas.
  • Reducing your breathing allows increased oxygenation of bodily tissues.
  • Professor Konstantin Buteyko believed that genetic predisposition determines which illness people develop from over-breathing. The response of each individual to hyperventilation depends on inherited factors.

Symptoms of Over-breathing and Hyperventilating.

Do you suffer from…
Wheezing, Breathlessness, Allergies, Rhinitis, Sinus problems, Coughing, Chest tightness, and/or frequent, yawning and snoring?

Do you suffer from…
Poor concentration, Racing mind particularly at rest, Anxiety, Panic attacks, Numbness, Sweating, Vertigo, Tingling of the hands and feet, Faintness, Trembling or Headache?

Do you suffer from…
Idiopathic chest pain, irregular heartbeat and/or other heart complaints?

Do you suffer from…
Anxiety, Tension, Depression, Apprehension and/ or Stress?

Do you suffer from…
Insomnia, Snoring, and/or Sleep Apnoea?

Do you suffer from…
Dry mouth, Fatigue, Bad dreams, Nightmares, Dry itchy skin, Increased urination such as bed wetting or regular visits to the bathroom during the night, or General weakness and chronic exhaustion?

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Ten Benefits of Reduced Breathing

  1. Improves your physical and mental energy levels.
  2. Evokes the relaxation response thus easing tension.
  3. Improves sleep.
  4. Improves mood.
  5. Strengthens the lungs and improves oxygenation of the blood.
  6. Improves cardiac health.
  7. Detoxifies and releases toxins.
  8. Eases pain.
  9. Strengthens the immune system leading to less susceptibility to colds and Flu.
  10. Improves posture.

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